Cloud API

Integrate your business to Whatsapp though Whatsapp's new Cloud API and start accepting orders from whatsapp automatically

Seamless integration

Leverage Facebook messanger, accept payment and guide customers though the checkout experince


Sell in Bot can also record customer satisfaction and report it in your dashboard

Sell Products

Add products through the dashboard, and when a customer asks about any product Sellin will look in your inventory to answer the customer inquery and record an order

Guide thourgh Checkout

The bot is still available in the checkout page, to answer customer questions and potentially add products

Manage Conversation flow

Control resonses and how the bot beheave through your bot controlls page in the dashboard.

Main Features

Sellin Enable seamless integration accross multiple chating platforms to:

  • Sell products
  • Guide Chekout experience
  • Instant help for customer
  • Log Conversations
  • Record feedback

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